Corruption and related offences

The firm has long-standing and recognised expertise in defending individuals and organisations investigated and/or prosecuted over charges of corruption, bribery and related offences (influence peddling, unlawful taking of interests, breach of public procurement rules etc.).

Notable experience

  • Representation of a high-profile businessman investigated over charges of abuse of corporate assets, forgery and the use of forgeries, corruption of foreign public officials and money laundering in connection with a public tender in Africa.
  • Representation of a public official an investigation focusing on a public tender in the Indian Ocean.
  • Defence of a former Prime Minister prosecuted for misappropriation of public funds, abuse of corporate assets and failure to make a declaration to the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life.
  • Defence of a former MP prosecuted over charges of complicity in influence peddling (“Mediator” case).
  • Defence of a director of a semi-public company prosecuted over charges of favouritism (breach of public procurement rules) and market-sharing arrangements.
  • Representation of a French subsidiary of a US company in an investigation over allegations of breach of public procurement rules.
  • Representation of a high-profile Russian businessman in an investigation on allegations of corruption and money laundering (“Kazakhgate” case).
  • Defence of two companies prosecuted on the count of bribery of foreign public officials in connection wih the “Oil for Food” scandal.
  • Defence of a French citizen residing in an African country in a case of tax fraud and corruption of public officials.
  • Representation of a former magistrate in an investigation over allegations of complicity and concealment of violations of professional secrecy and investigation secrecy.